Our Graduates

Our Graduates

We are honored that thousands of licensed skydivers from around the world have chosen to earn their advanced skydive ratings with us. It takes a lot of hard work and self awareness to successfully complete a ratings course and we are proud of our students' accomplisments.

We invite you to take a look at the outstanding candidates who have become Skydive Ratings graduates over the last decade.

2018 | 28 Graduates

USPA AFF Instructor Rating

  • Andy Pohl
  • Jonathan Kline
  • Kevin Johnson
  • Luke Weaver
  • Merlin Saareste
  • Raymond Arietta

Coach Rating

  • Jaime Rojas
  • Kaydar Sagi
  • Merlin Saareste
  • Merlin Saareste
  • Michele Fabianelli
  • Michele Fabianelli
  • Neri Shahar
  • Nicolo Mennuni
  • Rene Rojas
  • Rick Sawtell
  • Zeynep Bayraktar

Static-Line Rating

  • Rick Stoner

Instructor Examiner Course

  • Anthony Ebel
  • Martin Skrzypczak

Coach Examiner

  • Chantel Cleghorn

Sigma/Vector Tandem Rating

  • Daniel Baltazar
  • Daniel Shadwick
  • Grant McNulty
  • Remy Coulon
  • Rene Rojas
  • Rick Sawtell

Wings Tandem Instructor Rating

  • Lucas Rolim
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Karl and Jonas were fantastic. The way they were able to break the content down for each individual was amazing. I look forward to continuing my skydive education with you all.

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