Package 1: DZ Student Training and Programs

Bram Clement is the most experienced skydiving instructor in the world. If you are interested in creating a dynamic and structured student development program, allow Bram to visit your DZ to evaluate and give direction of how to transform your student program to an industry leader.

Onsite consulting with Bram will include:

  1. Evaluation and improvement of the student training programs
  2. Student safety.
  3. USPA ISP program : a step by step workable dropzone friendly version of the ISP
  4. Training Aids: Ideas for training aids and how to use training aids efficiently
  5. Student retention: solutions to keep your students coming back
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Skydive Ratings was an AWESOME place to earn my Sigma Tandem (and USPA tandem) ratings. Their professionalism was outstanding. Their commitment to helping each student individually was remarkable. Their level of knowledge and professionalism was incredible. I was really impressed by how each and every moment was a learning opportunity. Having been a college professor myself, I was humbled by the teaching effectiveness of Bram Clement and Andy Plisko. I give Skydive Ratings my highest possible recommendation.

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