Static-Line Rating

Static-Line Rating

Candidates jumpmaster each other during the course. The course starts with one on one and a half day of classroom instruction. You will get evaluated on ground training and on your jumpmaster skills.


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Static Line Instructor Rating Course

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To participate in a USPA Static-line Instructor course you must meet the following critera:

  • Be 18 years old
  • USPA membership
  • Hold a USPA C-license. USPA requires all course candidates to hold a USPA license. We can help with the USPA license application if needed.
  • Hold or have held any USPA instructional rating (Coach or higher.)
  • Have the pre-requisites of the USPA Static-Line Proficiency card signed off

You need to have a current SIM and IRM for the course. (current = not older then 24 months) These can be ordered from USPA. (see below for downloads and links for purhcase).

The Proficiency Card:

The Static-Line/IAD Proficiency Card is in the IRM.

If you are a Coach you need to complete number 1-8 prior to the course and bring logbook entries to the course so that the course director can verify that you have completed 10 coach jumps.

If you are already a USPA instructor you only need to complete number 1 - 3 and number 5.

The written exam:

One of the requirements to pass the Static-line or IAD rating course is pass the IRM written exam with at least an 80%. The questions for this exam are in the back of the IRM. It is an open book test. Write your answers on one of the answer sheets which you can also find in the IRM and bring it to the course.

The exams you have to do for this course are the General Instructor test and the Static-Line Instructor exam. All candidates must complete the written exams prior to attending the course. For those who show up without the test completed, or do not score at least 80 % on the first test, a 100 % score will be required on the test that is taken during the course.

The course:

Candidates jumpmaster each other during the course. The course starts with one on one and a half day of classroom. You will get evaluated on ground training and on jumpmaster skills.

Requirements to pass the course:

  • Demonstrate satisfactory knowledge of static-line rigging procedures for direct bag and static line assist
  • Complete a satisfactory Category B ground training
  • Complete a satisfactory Category D freefall and canopy training (coach rating holders only)
  • Score satisfactory on a category D jump(coach rating holders only)
  • Score satisfactory on jumpmastering 2 Static-Line "students" including the competence to spot
  • Demonstrate competence to gear up and check a student
  • Pass the written IRM exam with at least 80%

Lenght of the course:

The length of the course depends on the size of the group. Usually it takes 2-3 days to complete a full course

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