Wings Tandem Instructor Rating

Wings Tandem Instructor Rating

The Plexus Tandem system has been changed to Wings Tandem. Earning the Wings tandem rating is a 2 step proces. First you take the initial tandem course with the 5 course jumps. After the course jumps there are 5 more jumps with an licensed skydiver. It needs to be someone with at least 100 jumps.

Course Details


Pre requisites

  • 500 jumps
  • 3 years in the sport
  • D license
  • current FAA class 3 medical
  • Hold a USPA Coach or higher rating
  • experience of a cut away


The Wings Tandem manual and the Wings Tandem Training Manual are the course books.The manuals are available at Wings. You can contact the company through the Wings Tandem web-site at

We expect all candidates to make the written exam at home and bring the test answers to class. We will send you the written exam questions on request.

The Course

The tandem rating course will take 2 up to 3 days (weather permitting). The course consists of one day of classroom with lots of practical training and correction of the written exams. There are 5 jumps in the course. One solo jump with the Wings rig, One where you are the passenger and three evaluation jumps where you are the Tandem Instructor.
Before you make the Instructor jumps you will get a test of the procedures and malfunctions in the hanging Tandem harness
For the jumps you will need:

  • a baggy jump suit
  • open face helmet or leather hat
  • audible

In order to make tandem jumps in the USA ,a USPA Tandem Instructor rating is required as well. The USPA course is part of the full factory rating course. There is no additional charge for the USPA course when taken with the Factory Tandem course.

Cross over training

Current Tandem Instructors holding a tandem rating which is recognized by USPA and the FAI can be crossed over to the Wings rating. Foreign tandem ratings that are not recognized by USPA or FAI are not allowed for cross train. In that case a full course is required

Cross train consists of:

  • some class
  • 2 evaluation jumps, one solo jump and one instructor jump with an Examiner.

As with the full course we require you to make the written exam at home and bring the answers to class.

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