Our Graduates

Our Graduates

We are honored that thousands of licensed skydivers from around the world have chosen to earn their advanced skydive ratings with us. It takes a lot of hard work and self awareness to successfully complete a ratings course and we are proud of our students' accomplisments.

We invite you to take a look at the outstanding candidates who have become Skydive Ratings graduates over the last decade.

2021 | 51 Graduates

USPA AFF Instructor Rating

  • Andrew Butcher
  • Braden Dimmock
  • Chris Hiller
  • Matthew Teetshorn
  • Nicholas Calandra
  • Nicholas Wiener
  • Xander Fay

Coach Rating

  • Alex Jordan
  • Anthony Tromba
  • Ben Statler
  • Brad Dimmock
  • Craig Rebello
  • Elizabeth Jones
  • Hannah Raymond
  • Jorge Azpurva
  • Joshua Caples
  • Lauren Bovard
  • Lilybeth Benitez
  • Martin LeMay
  • Megan Gould
  • Michael Kean
  • Michael Mandell
  • Nathan Dunne
  • Romulo Saurez
  • Timothy Ackerman
  • Vanessa Delgatto
  • William Whiteley
  • Wilson Jimenez
  • Xander Fay

Static-Line Rating

  • Andrew Kalinen
  • Paul Waldner
  • Paulo Silva

IAD Rating

  • Bryan Eggleston
  • Haley Gwinn
  • Haley Gwinn
  • Jesse Langenhahn
  • Jesse Langenhahn
  • Melissa Lowe
  • Nathan Kueterman
  • Paulo Silva

PRO rating course

  • Peter Bishop

Sigma/Vector Tandem Rating

  • Ashraf Hossain
  • Austin Rosenboom
  • Braden Dimmock
  • David Matthews
  • Jason Mainstone
  • Josh Haught
  • Martin LeMay
  • Matthew Teetshorn
  • Russell Abbott

Strong Tandem Rating

  • Adam Hamilton
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