PRO rating Camp by Keith Walter

Published: July 2, 2016

Annual PRO Camp with Keith Walters

Date: July 15-17, 2016

Purpose of the course is to make the attendees a better PRO if they already are one; and prep them to be a PRO if they are planning on becoming one. They will make 10 jumps (weather permitting) at the course and if they pass the requirements the PRO Proficiency card will be signed off on it. All portions of the PRO card that are being done will be signed off. The purpose of the course is not just about getting signoffs or the PRO card. Requirements that won't be met need to get signed off at a later time by your S&TA at your home DZ.

Attendees will receive:

  • Training on how to plan and conduct a professional demonstration jump
  • Training on how to fill out the FAA & TSA paperwork
  • Training on use of flags, streamers and smoke
  • They will take the written USPA PRO Test if needed

Attendees should bring the parachute system they have / intend to get their PRO rating on. I recommend a wingloading of 1.3/1 or less since you will be jumping flags with weights and smoke, but that is your choice.

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