Rating Courses

Rating Courses

Skydive Ratings offers instructional rating courses for USPA Coach, AFF, Static-Line, IAD and Tandem ratings, as well as the manufacturers tandem rating for United Parachute Technologies (Vector/Sigma), Strong, Racer and Wings (formerly Plexus).

Additionally, we also offer the Instructor Examiner (IE) rating course (which is required to become an IE in any USPA discipline) and re-currency training for expired ratings.

Please click the links below to learn more about the different rating courses that we offer.

  • USPA AFF Instructor Rating

    USPA AFF Instructor Rating

    The AFF rating is probably the most popular Instructional rating. Being able to teach someone the sport that we all love so much is very rewarding and fun.The AFF rating course is most definitely the most challenging and rewarding course we offer. Our goal is to teach you the skills necessary to pass the AFF rating course before we test you so you can be a confident AFF Instructor ready to train students.

  • Coach Rating

    Coach Rating

    The Coach rating is the first Instructional rating in USPA's rating system. You need to hold the Coach rating to become an Instructor. Most of the time it is possible to take the Coach and an Instructor rating together, back to back.

  • Tandem Ratings

    Tandem Ratings

    The tandem rating system in the USA is such that each manufacturer issues their own Tandem Instructor rating.

  • Static-Line Rating

    Static-Line Rating

    Candidates jumpmaster each other during the course. The course starts with one on one and a half day of classroom instruction. You will get evaluated on ground training and on your jumpmaster skills.

  • IAD Rating

    IAD Rating

    The course starts with a full day of classroom. On the second and third day you will get evaluated on ground training and on IAD jumpmaster skills.

  • Instructor Examiner Course

    Instructor Examiner Course

    To become a Coach Examiner or an Instructor Examiner you have to take an Instructor-Examiner course. We teach these courses twice a year, in December and in March.

  • PRO rating course

    PRO rating course

    This course is held 1-2 times per year and is taught by professional PRO jumper Keith Walter from the Zephyrhills SOCOM Para Team and the World-Famous Chuters Demonstration Team.

  • Coach Examiner

    Coach Examiner

    Coach Examiner

  • Wings Tandem Examiner

    Wings Tandem Examiner

    Send us a message if you need further information.

  • USPA Tandem Examiner

    USPA Tandem Examiner

    USPA Tandem Examiner

  • Coach pre-course

    Coach pre-course

    The latest developments at Skydive Ratings have resulted in a new class: The Coach Pre-course. This individually tailored class will help you be successful in the Coach course and prepare you for the class and the jumps

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This is not about gaining a rating, although that happens, but it's really about learning exacting standards, improving coaching/teaching skills, and raising performance levels. It's a smoke show; bring your A game

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