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USPA AFF Instructor Rating

Challenging, rewarding and fun, the AFF rating course is our most popular. By course conclusion, you will be a confident and competent AFF Instructor, ready to train students.

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Coach Rating

“Coach” is the first attainable rating in the USPA system. You must have your Coach rating to become an Instructor. Oftentimes, it’s possible to earn both concurrently, back to back.

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Tandem Ratings

In the US, each manufacturer issues their own Tandem Instructor rating. At Skydive Ratings, we train for the Sigma/Vector, Strong, Wings, and Racer Tandem Instructor ratings.

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IAD Rating

This multi-day class encompasses one full day in the classroom, followed by two to three days of hands-on evaluation of rigging procedures, ground training, and IAD jumpmaster skills.

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PRO Rating Course

Held one or two times per year, this course is taught by professional PRO jumper Keith Walter from the Zephyrhills SOCOM Para Team and the World-Famous Chuters Demo Team.

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Instructor Examiner Course

To earn your Coach Examiner, AFF Examiner, SL/IAD Examiner, or Tandem Examiner rating, you must complete an Instructor Examiner course. Offered annually in December and March.

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Static Line Rating

Following one-on-one and classroom instruction, rating students are evaluated on ground training and jumpmaster skills. Candidates jumpmaster each other during the course.

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Examiner Apprentice Program

This immersive, proprietary course is an extraordinary opportunity for aspiring Examiners. Motivated candidates learn and master in just one or two seasons what usually takes years!

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Coach Pre-Course

The Coach Pre-Course is tailored to individual candidates, helping them succeed in the Coach course – the most overwhelming instructional rating course – including class and jump prep.

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