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Meet the Owner

About Skydive Ratings

Bram Clement

Instructional Ratings and Other Certifications:

USPA Coach
USPA Coach Examiner
USPA AFF Instructor since 1991
USPA AFF Instructor-Examiner since 2003
USPA Static Line Instructor
USPA Static Line Instructor-Examiner
USPA IAD Instructor
USPA IAD Instructor-Examiner
USPA Tandem Instructor
USPA Tandem Instructor-Examiner
Tandem Instructor ratings for UPT-Sigma/Vector; Strong Enterprises; Plexus; Jumpshack/Racer.
Tandem Examiner for UPT-Sigma/Vector; Strong Enterprises; Plexus; Jumpshack/Racer
Course Director for USPA Instructor Examiner courses
Course Director for Plexus Tandem Examiner courses
FAA Master Rigger
Skydive University Basic Body Coach

Jump Experience:

17,000+ total jumps
5,000+ tandem jumps
4,000+ AFF jumps
2,200+ AFF evaluation jumps
2,200+ advanced coaching jumps