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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where are you located?

What are the USPA tandem rating requirements?

Do I need to get a rating from the tandem manufacturer?

If I need multiple ratings, can I cross train to receive ratings for each system?

How long does it take to complete the tandem rating course?

How many jumps are made in the tandem instructor course?

What is the process of earning a UPT Sigma Tandem Rating?

What are the prerequisites needed for a UPT Sigma Tandem rating?

How should I prepare for the UPT Sigma Tandem Rating course?

Is there anything I need to bring for the UPT Sigma Tandem Rating course?

If I already possess a current Tandem Instructor rating from another manufacturer can I get crossed over to the Vector/Sigma rating?

How can I best prepare to cross train for the UPT Sigma Vector tandem rating?

What are the AFF Rating Requirements?

What is AFF pre-course training?

What can I expect when coming for the AFF Rating Course?

Is it possible to challenge the AFF Rating Course?

I'm unsure if I have the skills to take the course, is it possible to make some try out jumps?

What are the costs associated with the AFF rating course?

What are the Static Line and IAD Course Requirements?

What are the USPA Coach Rating Requirements?