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About Our Skydiving School

Premier Training Academy

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Core Offerings

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Why Choose Us

Full-Time School

Excellent Instruction

Spirit of Camaraderie

Full-Time School

Excellent Instruction

Spirit of Camaraderie

Purpose-Built Facilities

Location & Equipment

Skydive Ratings Amenities

Comprehensive training aids
CYPRES devices in sport and tandem rigs
Aerodyne tandem systems and sport rigs
Clean, bright learning environment
Strong, UPT Vector / Sigma, Wings tandem equipment
Climate controlled, comfortable classrooms
Fridge full of cold water; space for your food/drink

Dropzone Amenities

Twin Otter (Skydive City)
Cessna Caravan (Skydive Seb)
Covered packing
Huge landing area
Rigging services
Gear shop
Onsite restaurant
Campground, RV park, nearby hotels