Tandem Ratings


The tandem rating system in the USA is such that each manufacturer issues their own Tandem Instructor rating.

You need a UPT rating to jump a Sigma and/or Vector tandem system, a Strong tandem rating to jump a Strong tandem rig and a rating from JumpShack to jump a Racer system.

If you need multiple ratings you can get cross trained to another tandem system after you have at least 25 jumps on one system. The manufacturer must approve the rating you have. Crosstrain is a shorter process to get the rating. Less examination jumps are required.If you need two ratings right away, it requires two full tandem rating courses for each rating.

USPA group member dropzones require all tandem instructors to hold the USPA Tandem Instructor rating in addition to the factory rating.There is no charge if you take the USPA Tandem course with your factory rating course Please go to the pages for each rating for more detailed information.


Item Cost
Manufacturer's Tandem Rating Course

Full Course-includes the USPA Tandem course

$425 + equipment rent

Cross Training

$250 + equipment rent

Tandem Equipment Rent per jump


Tandem Equipment Rent per jump including phase 2 continuing education

USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course

Course Fee

at no charge if taken with factory course. By itself: $250

DISCOUNT $100 for USPA Instructors In Another Discipline



  • Sigma/Vector Tandem Rating

    Sigma/Vector Tandem Rating

    The tandem rating course will take 2 to 3 days (weather permitting). The course consists of one day of classroom with lots of practical training and correction of the written exam. There are 5 jumps in the course. One solo jump with the Sigma rig, one where you are the passenger and three evaluation jumps where you are the tandem instructor.

  • Strong Tandem Rating

    Strong Tandem Rating

    The course will take 2 to 3 days (weather permitting). First day is a full day of class with the first jump possibly in the afternoon. Day 2 is to complete the five Phase 1 jumps and finish the course paperwork. Part of day 2 and day 3 is reserved for the USPA portion of the course (see USPA Tandem rating)

  • Wings Tandem Instructor Rating

    Wings Tandem Instructor Rating

    The Plexus Tandem system has been changed to Wings Tandem.

  • Racer Tandem Rating

    Racer Tandem Rating

    We can teach a Jump Shack Racer Tandem rating course on request. Please send us an email and we will send you the details and rating requirements.

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